Forum „Catalysing Alliances for Greener Products“

Within the project HiPerIn 2.0, CLIB is looking at industry sectors which could benefit from a structural change away from fossil-based towards biotechnological processes based on renewable substrates. The targeted product groups combine high functionality, designable product properties, and a high added value. The focus is directed to five targeted sectors: Textiles & Fibres, Coatings & Adhesives, Personal & Home Care, Food & Feed, and Flavours & Fragrances.

In this context, CLIB’s annual end-of-year December forum was dedicated to the four EU-funded projects FuturEnzyme, EnXylaScope, OXIPRO and RADICALZ, conforming the Cluster Enzymes for Greener Products.

Thanks to the FuturEnzyme project for the great article about the forum.