Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Agreement to Acquire Fungal Platform Technology Company Dutch DNA

 Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. (“Ginkgo”), the organism company, today announced it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Dutch DNA Biotech B.V. (“Dutch DNA”), a company based in Utrecht, Netherlands with a proprietary platform technology focused on the development of fungal strains and fermentation processes for the production of proteins and organic acids. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Ginkgo will acquire 100% of Dutch DNA shares via a combination of both cash and equity. In addition, certain stakeholders of Dutch DNA will also receive earn-out payments upon achievement of one or more technical and commercialization milestones.

With this acquisition, Ginkgo will integrate Dutch DNA’s team, assets, and operations into the broader Ginkgo platform for cell programming, and will, for the first time, expand Ginkgo operations internationally. The acquisition is expected to close in July.


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