PITCCH Corporate Challenges – Looking for innovative biotech startups/scaleups/SME’s

Would you like to accelerate growth for startups or SMEs in the biotech community? PITCCH offers a unique growth opportunity with the PITCCH Corporate Challenges.

For each challenge, the winning startup/SME will implement their solution in collaboration with a big corporation and receive €10.000,- prize money for implementation and technical support during the project. The proposal submission deadline is April 26th.


What are the challenges?

Creating value through biotransformation of ‚aroma waste‘ – PITCCH: Eternis, a producer of liquid chemicals (esters and aromas), is looking for ways to ‘upcycle’ the aromatic byproducts of their production processes.

Valorization of lignin to chemicals or materials in an integrated biorefinery – PITCCH: Repsol’s biorefineries have a waste stream of 50-100 kt of lignin-rich plant matter and seek solutions for upcycling the lignin waste into useful products, materials or chemicals.


What is PITCCH?

PITCCH is the first pan-European open innovation platform (funded by Horizon 2020) where industry leading corporations seek technological innovations from SMEs and startups, in collaboration with research and technology centres. PITCCH has featured challenges from SPIE, Procter & Gamble, Repsol, Siemens, Signify, Electrolux, and many more.