The Stars of Renewable Materials meet in Cologne

The answer to the hunt for renewable materials: The Renewable Materials Conference 10 – 12 May 2022, Cologne (Germany, hybrid event). Its unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only available alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials.

Ready-to-use fossil-free sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint are in fast-growing demand. Innovative brand owners are keeping an eye out for such solutions, in particular those that will soon reach the mainstream.

For the second time, nova-Institute presents numerous market highlights from bio- and CO2-based chemicals and materials as well as from chemical recycling: All material solutions based on renewable carbon. Together, there is sufficient potential to completely replace petrochemicals by 2050. To tackle climate change at its roots, all additional fossil carbon from the ground must be substituted with renewable alternatives.

Over the course of three days, participants will get a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the renewable material sector, with a focus on industry-ready solutions from a wide spectrum of sustainable raw materials and technologies.

First day:

  • Bio- and CO2-based Refineries
  • Chemical Industry, New Refinery Concepts
  • Chemical Recycling

Second day:

  • Renewable Chemicals and Building Blocks
  • Renewable Polymers and Plastics – Technology and Markets
  • Fine Chemicals (parallel session)
  • Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2022”

Third day:

  • Latest nova Research
  • The Policy & Brands View on Renewable Materials
  • Biodegradation
  • Renewable Plastics and Composites

Important deadlines

Award submission: 15 March 2022

Poster submission: 30 April 2022


Mr. Dominik Vogt,



Kardinal-Frings-Str. 1-3

50668 Köln (Cologne), Germany