CLIB Networking Day and General Assembly 2021 – executive board elected

At the annual general assembly and the traditionally associated CLIB Networking Day on 30 September, the board of the association was elected in rotation. Members and the previous Executive Board sent a clear signal for continuity in a dynamic environment. The executive board with its chairman Dr. Karl-Heinz Maurer (Aachen Proteineers) was confirmed in office. In the extended Board, too, the previous Board members were almost unanimous in standing for re-election. With Dr. Frank Kensy as successor to Dr. Thorsten Eggert, there was only one change in the group of SME members. Dr. Eggert said goodbye to the board with his move from Erber Enzyme GmbH to DSM, but will remain associated with the association. A long-time CLIB member and serial founder, Dr Kensy succeeds him on the board as founder and CEO of b.fab GmbH.

Dr. Frank Kensy, b.fab GmbH, Hans-Jürgen Mittelstaedt, VCI NRW, Dr. Henrike Gebhardt, Evonik Industries AG, Dr. Karl-Heinz Maurer, Aachen Proteineers, Dr. Roland Breves, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Dr. Gernot Jäger, Covestro AG

Organised for the first time in a hybrid form, the cluster management reported on the current status of the association’s development and current activities at this year’s general meeting. The economic outlook continues to be positive, and the development of the membership figures also shows a pleasing growth. The members of the CLIB team presented the diverse activities in the current projects. Special attention was paid to the structural change process in NRW, as well as to the plans for the Bio Scale-Up Center NRW. This facility is to enable the scale-up of biotechnological processes up to TRL 9 and, in the course of this, the production of sample quantities.

After the formalities of the morning, the CLIB Networking Day took place in the afternoon. Dr. Kathrin Rübberdt of DECHEMA gave a keynote presentation, highlighting the challenges, but also the benefits of combining the best of the worlds of chemistry and biology to enable new innovations in biotechnology. Switching between on-site and on-line presentations, a quick succession of 14 pitches gave an overview of the impressive breadth of the CLIB member’s activities. The hybrid format allowed also for our international members to present their work. The examples presented ranged from valorisation of feedstocks such as wood, lignin CO2, or banana fibres, the production of enzymes or peptides, the development of novel process technologies, to the networking and financing of biobased innovations. Networking breaks enabled the participants at the venue to catch up, ask questions and find new collaboration partners.


CLIB e.V. elects an extended board of 12 members every 2 years, comprising three representatives from each of the four member groups: Industry, SME, Academia and Other. The members of the Extended Board elect the Executive Board from among their number.

Executive Board

Chairman: Dr. Karl-Heinz Maurer, Aachen Proteineers

Vice-Chairman: Dr. Roland Breves, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Vice-Chairman: Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Treasurer: Hans-Jürgen Mittelstaedt, VCI NRW

Extended Board

Prof. Dr. Ludo Diels, VITO

Dr. Henrike Gebhardt, Evonik Industries AG

Dr. Claas Heise, NRW.BANK

Dr. Gernot Jäger, Covestro AG

Peter Kallien, b.value AG

Dr. Frank Kensy, b.fab GmbH

Dr. Peter Welters, Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH

Prof. Dr. Volker Wendisch, Universität Bielefeld