Game on, bioeconomy!


Mission BioHeroA serious game on bioeconomy 

Over the last years, the consortium of the EU-funded AllThings.BioPRO project developed, tested, and published a serious gaming app for smartphones. The app “Mission BioHero” is available over the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. By playing the game you will learn about the possibilities of bioeconomy in our daily life and about ways how different sectors aim to transform into sustainable and circular ways. Beside the technical challenges of industrial transformations, you also learn about the jobs and career opportunities in the bioeconomy. This is why the serious game aims not only at interested citizens but also at young people at the start of their working careers.  

CLIB has followed the road towards the serious gaming app and given input at various stages of the development process. When you enter campaign number 7, you will possibly find some questions that are related to the FuturEnzyme project. 

Beside the Mission BioHero app, the developers have also published a second app called “Label BioHero”. This is a smart pocket assistant that recognises scanned labels from daily products and informs you about these labels, their criteria and background.  

As both apps target to get young people involved and informed about bioeconomy, a special interest was put on promotion in schools and undergraduate university classes. The developers produced specifically a “Teachers Handbook” to provide teachers and university professors with background information and structured material beyond the apps.  

Information material and more can be found in multiple languages at the project website.