PhD position Photobiotechnology

The Photobiotechnology group at Ruhr University Bochum is looking for a motivated doctoral candidate for a project focusing on protein engineering and metalloenzyme catalysis. The three-year PhD project will integrate biochemistry, chemistry and biotechnology and aims at designing and characterizing novel biological catalysts for the sustainable production of molecular hydrogen.

The imminent climate change requires fundamentally novel concepts for the generation and use of energy forms that do not harm the environment and climate. The Photobiotechnology group focuses on the characterization and application of hydrogen producing enzymes (hydrogenases) as well as on designing artificial biocatalysts. To understand the working principles of these natural and engineered redox catalysts, the group applies a multitude of (bio)chemical, biophysical and spectroscopic techniques.

The generation of clean fuels and further valuable products additionally depends on high-energy substrate and electron input. This applied and industry-driven VolkswagenStiftung-funded project aims at mimicking photosynthesis by combining redox-active and light-dependent DNA nanoscaffolds with peptide-based enzymatic functionalities, thus creating sustainable, yet economic photosynthetic platforms for the generation of valuable end products such as molecular hydrogen (H2). The undertaking will integrate state-of-the-art methodologies in collaboration with international partners. You will be integrated into a future-oriented, internationally integrated and friendly team.

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