Bioeconomy drops anchor in the Rhenish mining area and becomes a beacon of structural change

The NRW state cabinet has identified 19 anchor projects deemed central to the successful, rapid and visible implementation of structural change in the Rhenish mining area.

We very much welcome the fact that biotechnology plays a key role in one of the anchor projects, the bioeconomy model region, and expect that it will provide important impetus for the transformation to a bio-based circular economy in the region, in which biotechnology will play a key role.

The selected projects include Bio4MatPro and the recently approved graduate cluster AUFBRUCH, two projects that CLIB played a leading role in shaping and in which numerous CLIB members are involved as project partners. There are also close links to the other projects in the model region through the involvement of CLIB members or the CLIB office.

Link to the press release of the NRW state government