Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024 – Shaping the sustainable fibre future with cellulose fibres

Press release: nova-Institut GmbH
from 17 July 2023

Shaping the sustainable fibre future with cellulose fibres – Abstract submissions open for the Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024

Rising demand for renewable fibres meets bio-based and biodegradable cellulose fibres as a breakthrough solution for the future.

The success story of the Cellulose Fibres Conference continues from 13–14 March 2024 in Cologne, Germany, (on site and online). The unique event will showcase new opportunities for cellulose fibres in textiles, hygiene products and packaging.

With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 5 and 10 %, cellulose fibres have been a success story within the textile market over the past decade and are steadily pathing their way into numerous other applications such as hygiene products and packaging. Latest research identifies promising tendencies for the global Cellulose Fibres market over the next 5 years. This makes cellulosic fibres the fastest growing fibre group in the textile industry and the largest investment sector in the global circular bio-economy. (…)

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