CIC2021 Event Series Part III – How to advance lignin to scale

The next session on how to advance lignin to scale, Event Series Part III will be live on Thursday, 27.05.2021 from 13:00h – 16:00h CEST.

The third event of our CIC Event Series will focus on the valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass. Numerous interesting processes have been developed on a small scale in recent years, but now it is time to bring them to a “reasonable” scale. CLIB has been supporting this issue for the past few years and has coordinated the BMBF-funded project ALIGN. Accordingly, the last two presentations originate from this project and will give some insights regarding the upscaling processes in our consortium.

We are very pleased to have Petri Vasara (AFRY & Lignin Club) as a speaker for our keynote. After our first Networking Session and a short break, Peep Pitk (OÜ Graanul Biotech) will present a new kind of flagship biorefinery to fully convert residual woody biomass into sustainable renewable feedstocks. Subsequently, Friedrich Streffer (LXP Group GmbH) will take the LX-Process as an example how to “scale up from the cellar”. Last but not least, Elias Cooreman (CSCE, KU Leuven) will report on the upscaling the reductive catalytic fractionation of lignocellulose biomass.

Attend the event and listen to great speakers with fascinating presentations!

CIC2021 Event Series Part III – How to advance lignin to scale

Thursday, 27.05.2021 from 13:00h – 16:00h CEST.

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