CLIB starts the new year 2023 with three new members!

We wish our members and friends a healthy and harmonic 2023. 

CLIB starts with three new members!

Welcome with us:

Chemstars promotes startups with touchpoints to the chemical industry. The core element of their activities is the exchange between startup and industry. The participating industrial partners act as mentors and , if desired, establish contacts with experts in their respective companies. In addition, chemstars carries out inspiring and awareness-raising activities at universities across NRW to get researchers and professors interested in entrepreneurship and startups. lt is an initiative of Covestro, Currenta Evonik, Henkel, the German chemical industry association (VGi) NRW and the Ministry of Economics, lndustry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North RhineWestphalia.


  Colipi GmbH

We develop a Carbon Capturing & Transformation biotechnology platform that turns CO2 & industrial side streams circularly to valuable biomaterials such as oils (triglycerides & free fatty acids) & proteins. The platform consists of a CO2-O2-H2 bacterial gas fermentation & a classic yeast fermentation. Our enabler is a leading & patented gas fermenter & process design as well as 10 years of process know-how working with oleaginous yeasts. The greatest value proposition of our products is a zero CO2 footprint enabling corporations to reach their ambitious decarbonization targets.


  Lignovations GmbH

Lignovations has developed a patented technology to manufacture functional ingredients for cosmetics, coatings, packaging and more from upcycled biomass. By transforming lignin, a component of biomass that protects the plant into so called ‚Colloidal Lignin Particles’, Lignovations’ high-performance bio-material can replace non-renewable ingredients, such as UV filters, antioxidants, and emulsifiers.