EU-Commission: “Building the future with nature”

Last week, the European Commission released a communication on “Building the future with nature”.  CLIB warmly welcomes this timely initiative aimed at boosting biotech and biomanufacturing!

Reflecting on insights from our recent CLIB International Conference in February, where stakeholders emphasized the crucial need for clear regulations in the biotech realm, it’s encouraging to see the Commission addressing this concern. Particularly notable is the focus on streamlining regulatory pathways, a step in the right direction for enabling innovation.

The actions detailed in the communication are:

  • Leveraging research and boosting innovation
  • Stimulating market demand
  • Streamlining regulatory pathways
  • Fostering public and private investments
  • Strengthening biotech-related skills
  • Elaborating and updating standards
  • Supporting collaboration and synergies
  • Fostering engagement and international cooperation
  • Using AI and generative AI
  • Reviewing the Bioeconomy strategy

Now, more than ever, collaboration is key. We’re eager to join forces with stakeholders across the EU to harness the full potential of our biotech and biomanufacturing sector. Let’s ensure that the groundbreaking technologies developed at lab, pilot, and demo scale can effectively contribute to Europe’s competitiveness, resilience, and climate action goals.

Dive deeper into the European Commission’s communication on “Building the future with nature” and let’s shape a greener, more prosperous future together!