Make the circular shift happen with AmphiStar’s biosurfactants

We would like to share great news from our member AmphiStar on their latest developments in the field of 2G biosurfactants:

AmphiStar BV, the Belgian spin-off company of UGhent and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is now formally presenting itself at Sepawa 2023 proudly showcasing high performant microbial biosurfactants based exclusively on 2nd Generation Feedstock Surfactants

The Surfactant hurdle

Surfactants are crucial active and functional ingredients in a wide variety of products we use in our daily lives, from detergents, personal care products, to foodstuffs and construction materials. Today, 95% of these surfactants are not sustainable: they are based on fossil- or palm oil feedstocks and typically produced using classical (harsh) chemical processes. Replacing them with truly green alternatives is a tough nut to crack.

AmphiStar’s biosurfactants are truly “green”

AmphiStar cracked that nut. Our microbial biosurfactants are based on locally sourced second generation feedstocks (supermarket waste, industrial side/waste streams, etc.). They are hence sustainable, local and circular, and moreover, they do not compete with feedstock for food production and are not associated with ‘direct land use’ for their production. There is no party globally that can produce these at that level of volume and quality.

2G microbial Sophorolipids

Today, AmphiStar is serving brand owners of cleaning & cosmetic products seeking to develop genuinely sustainable, performant & affordable products. Our offering of Sophorolipids is available as high lacton or high acid, or any ratio thereof, and at low purity and high purity. They are a perfect drop-in surfactant for existing products & formulation, and will impact the carbon footprint of your product significantly. Many other products are in our pipeline for market introduction in the future. We offer the platform technology the market is looking for.

Ecover product launch

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Recently Ecover unveiled a breakthrough cleaning product a.o. making use of AmphiStar’s 2G Sophorolipids. The pioneering Too Good To Waste® Multi-Surface Cleaner showcases how the cleaning industry can use food waste to reduce its carbon emissions and increase sustainability. Find out more via this link.

AmphiStar’s ambition – making biosurfactants mainstream

AmphiStar is in full commercial deployment modus. After 15 years of development at Ghent University ( & at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, biosurfactant production is coming up to speed. AmphiStar is preparing construction of a launch plant as a first step in expanding.

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CEO – Sophie Roelants | CTO – Bernd Everaert