Recycling paths are best walked jointly: This year’s Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC) showed the importance of collaboration

PRESSRELEASE 24.11.2022 (nova-institute)

From dissolution to enzymolysis, gasification, pyrolysis, solvolysis, and thermal depolymerisation, ARC 2022 introduced the versatile and innovative landscape of advanced recycling solutions that reach way beyond conventional recycling

At the Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC), 230 participants from 21 countries discussed future opportunities and celebrated technological success stories. The conference took place from 14–15 November 2022 in Cologne, Germany. As the term “advanced recycling” refers to any process that reaches beyond mechanical recycling, it also includes chemical and specialised physical recycling technologies. Presenting speakers covered urgent topics such as technologies, sustainability, policy and regulation, as well as co-operation, financing, and digitalisation. During the seven panel discussions participants submitted more than 300 questions and proved the intense need for dialogue and exchange. The active participation emphasised the high interest in advanced recycling solutions and needed multi-perspective discussion. Exhibitors presented their innovative services, strategies and technology solutions, while participants labelled the ARC debut a complete success.

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