CLIB GA 2022 – Silko Grimm completes extended board

This year’s CLIB General Assembly took place on 18 October at our founding member Evonik. Introduced by Christoph Weckbecker, Head of Networks at Evonik Operations and opened by the Chairman of the Board Karl-Heinz Maurer, an overview of the current development of the association was given at the general meeting. In addition, Silko Grimm was elected to the extended Executive Board as successor to Henrike Gebhardt.

Cluster Manager Dennis Herzberg led through the rest of the meeting and presented in particular the recent process of updating the association’s strategy. Over the course of the year, the board, advisory board and head office have readjusted the association’s strategy in a series of workshops and a retreat. As a result of this extensive and iterative process, the vision and mission have been revised and concretised.

The strategic pillars were also adapted and expanded to a total of 6 pillars covering the following thematic areas:

  • Networking & Partnering
  • Improving Framework Conditions
  • Accelerating Tech Development
  • Facilitating Scale-Up
  • Developing Bioeconomists
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship

The focus on these strategic pillars is intended to ensure that the cluster addresses all the necessary aspects for the transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy and creates added value for its members.

In addition to the presentation of the new strategy, an outlook was given on the planned projects and activities for the coming year. 7 new projects are currently being evaluated, 2 more projects are about to be approved.

In addition to the usual formalities of approving the actions of the board and the next year’s budget, a by-election for the extended board was also held. Following the departure of Henrike Gebhardt from Evonik and her move to RWE Power, a seat in the Industry Member Group was vacant. This seat has now been filled with the election of Silko Grimm, Head of Political Networks & Innovation at Evonik Operations.

Karl-Heinz Maurer, Chairman of the Association commented: “We are very pleased that with Silko Grimm a representative of Evonik is once again on our extended Board. This underlines the continued commitment of our founding member to the association.”