Focus Group Meeting “C1 Feedstocks” at Fraunhofer IME

Last week, the CLIB Focus Group on “C1 Feedstocks” met at Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME in Aachen. Our Focus Group leader Heleen de Wever (VITO) guided through the day. Group members discussed challenges and limitations in the scale-up of gas fermentation and other biotechnological C1 conversion processes. In addition, the process concept of the recently started ReCO2NWert project was presented.

A big thank you to Stefan Schillberg and his team for hosting the meeting in such a beautiful location. A lab tour through the different departments gave an impression of the versatile activities at IME. Besides strain engineering for gas fermentation, we gained insights into innovative plant technology, such as vertical farming or protein production in tobacco. A big thank you also to Monika Konarzycka-Bessler for her support in organising the event.

It was a pleasure meeting so many members of the CLIB Focus Group in-person and to exchange on current activities. We are looking forward to the next meeting!

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