CIC2021 Event Series Part II – Empowering C1-utilisation

The next session on Empowering C1-utilisation will be live on Wednesday, 14 April from 9.30h–12.30h CEST.

This event will focus on various aspects of the utilisation of C1-molecules as feedstocks for biotechnological processes.
The keynote speaker will be Martin Langer (BRAIN AG), who will discuss the greenhouse gas CO2 as a building block for high-value chemicals.
Prof. Anna Mechler (RWTH Aachen) and Birgit Lewandowski (Electrochaea GmbH) will focus on the exciting coupling of electrochemical and biotechnologicaltechnologies and potential applications. Finally, an interesting presentation will be given by Edda Höfer (Südzucker AG). She will report on the platform technology developed for the production of bio-based chemicals from CO2-rich fermentation off-gas.

Attend the event and listen to great speakers with fascinating presentations!

CIC2021 Event Series Part II – Empowering C1-utilisation

Wednesday, 14.04.2021: CIC2021 Event Series Part II – Empowering C1-utilisation

Registrations & Price

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Networking is also important to us in the digital space. The CIC2021 event series will take place via the platform Eventmobi. On the platform you can set up a profile and arrange 1-to-1 meetings with other participants. The platform will also remain active between the individual sessions of the series. You will receive access a few days before the event you are registered for.