Wettbewerbsaufruf BioRiver Boost! 2022

9th BioRiver Boost! 2022 Start-up competition for best business contacts: 29 September 2022 @ QIAGEN

Apply now! The online-application is open until 25 August 2022.

Link to online application

BioRiver Boost! promotional flyer

Why and when you should apply:

Marketing: We found that marketing is generally difficult to founders, esp. marketing in the following two ways:

  • Get feedback from the market: After presenting your project to the jury of industry experts, the jury members will discuss their questions and remarks frankly with you and your team.
  • Become visible: The winning teams will become very visible in their industry by our media activities. All finalists will be seen by a high number of relevant stakeholders.

Capital: It is generally a main object to founders to convince investors. To support young entrepreneurs in this task:

  • Investors will be part of the jury (High-Tech Gründerfonds and NRW.BANK).
  • Additional investors will attend the meeting. We are proud to state, that many finalists re-open the door to institutional investors and venture capitalists after pitching at the BioRiver Boost!
  • The BioRiver Boost! pitch training is highly recommended by former winners.

Business network: As young entrepreneurs you are in the role to build your future business network. Most important are the jury members. With their engagement at the BioRiver Boost! they are committed to give you the best possible support.

Find your peers: At BioRiver Boost! you will meet other young entrepreneurs that are active in life sciences, like you.

Speak to relevant stakeholders: You need lab space, regulatory advice, a new team member? At BioRiver Boost! these stakeholders support the meeting.